How to Quit Your Job and Work With Horses

Seriously, this has been my dream since I was little and my Dad first took me trail riding. I always thought this would be something I would work towards and just own horses in my sixties. Instead I got an incredible opportunity that propelled me into a world I knew nothing about and am slowly coming up to speed on.


I don’t care what your excuse is, if this is your dream figure it out and start now. I quit my job making $65,000 a year to work in a kennel (which is how I got my horse connection) because I was tired of the rat race in a dead end job that I cared nothing about. Not eveyone will be able to do this, but if you can make it work, start taking lessons, volunteering time, offering to groom horses, work part time at a saddelry, etc. Just do what it takes to be close to them and build those connections.


For me I always thought that this would be something I attained when I was retired and had done well enough to have expendable income. WRONG! Instead, when I quit my job to start working for a local kennel, with dogs, I figured that I would work my way up and build a career working in the industry. WRONG AGAIN!

To make a long story short, a couple of my co-workers started an internship with a lovely woman in Leander Texas at Rancho Mondo working with dogs and moving towards earning their CCPDT certification. As I learned more about the property and what was involved, they mentioned that she also owned horses, and I asked them if she would be comfortable with me just coming up to help groom,etc.

A day later, she posted online that she wanted to start a horse internship with anyone who was interested. I jumped on the chance and responded to her post on Facebook.

Fast forward to today, and I have been working with MY OWN HORSE for about a month. I know insane right? I completely agree, I still cannot believe that her internship included my own horse in the deal, but here we are. I will go into more detail on that in another post.

Now grooming my horse in the morning is my happy place. No matter whats happening in my personal life, spending the time with him in the barn early in the morning just calms me and I am able to move into the rest of my day with a little more calm.


If you’ve ever read Mel Robbins book ¬†The Five Second Rule, you will know that she delves deep into the five second decision and how important it is to listen to your intuition. I cannot recommend this book enough, and will tell you just doing it when you are scared, finding that courage, is how I drive forty-five minutes each way from Rancho Mondo to be apart of an internship that I pay a tuition to be involved in. BECAUSE, I want this more than anything and I am willing to do what it takes; Spending $120 a month on gas, buying supplements for my horse, paying $300 a month to participate and spending around 30 hours per week on top of a full time, physically demanding job all to work towards being a Parelli instructor.

If you want this, DO IT.


Whatever you are looking to get out of working with and being around horses. You will profit whether monetarily, emotionally, physically or all of the above, if this is your dream go for it.

Profit girlfriend! You’re worth your dreams, I promise.